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Why you need to acquire high quality backlinks for perfect link building!

Acquiring authoritative and relevant backlinks is one of the best ways to help boost keyword rankings and drive organic traffic! Link building techniques have changed over the years and there are various strategies that can be implemented to acquire backlinks. If your brand is based in the UK and lacks time or knowledge on link building and SEO, you can get in touch with a perfect link building company to help.

This company can work as an extension to your team and successfully take your website rankings higher in the search engine results. As these companies may have experience in working in different niche markets, they may have established contacts with authoritative websites. Therefore, it would be easier for them to build links and take your brand’s website higher in search engine rankings.

Factors Essential for Link Building

  • Relevancy: It is an important aspect for successful link building. Before reaching out to other authoritative websites, make sure the content provided in your website is engaging and informative. The content should also be related to the website you are planning to get linked with. If the content doesn’t belong to the same niche market, there is no point in reaching out to the webmaster of an authoritative website; as such link building would harm both websites. Hence, ensure the content provided is relevant.
  • Page and Domain Authority: Various tools can help in predicting or identifying the ranks of websites and their domain authority in search engine results. This helps a brand to get an idea about the general authority of a website. However, beware that the scores provided by such tools can be an estimate and it is not linked directly to any search engine in any way.
  • Identifying Trust and Citation: There are many tools that can help in identifying the trustworthiness of a website based on the quality of backlinking services UK pointing towards the website. In the same way, tools can also predict how influential a page is based on the websites linked to it.
  • Website Traffic: Good quality websites will have consistent traffic across most web pages, without major decline over a period of time. It’s best to be careful of the websites that have less than 100 visitors per month.
  • Look and Feel of a Website: When you evaluate a website, follow your gut instinct. While most of it comes from experience, make sure the website you design looks attractive and user-friendly. If you feel that the design looks outdated, change the design and features of the website. No one would be interested to visit an inactive website. Link building is good but it has its limits. If your website contains an excessive amount of external links, the search engine would consider it as a method of engaging in spam.

Techniques to Acquire High Quality Backlinks

  • Unlinked Brand Mentions: On some occasions, certain publications may mention your brand without linking to the company’s website. In such cases, you can reach out to the publication and request for a backlink. This is one of the best methods of link building. Finding unlinked brand mentions can be one of the most successful tactics for link building, especially when it comes to large brands.
  • Local Link Building: This is the practice of getting local websites in the area to link back to your website. It can be a great method for smaller organisations to implement or brands to gain organic visibility. However, this method can also be the most challenging one as local opportunities would be limited. Local link building involves reaching out to less authoritative and smaller organisations based on the locality. Linking with smaller organisations or websites that may have lower domain authority is not an issue, as long as the websites are authentic and relevant.

Other local link building tactics include getting your company website listed on local directories and creating content that can be newsworthy which would help you pitch to local news websites. You can also keep a track of websites that might belong to your city. These could include local libraries, government websites, school websites or any other websites. Try to identify if they have any webpages highlighting the local businesses that belong to your niche market. Though certain business directories require you to have a membership fee to be paid, it can help you gain valuable brand exposure and conversions that can benefit your brand.

  • Guest Blogging: If your brand has time and resources to create content for industrial websites, incorporate guest blogging into the link building strategy. Guest blogging means reaching out to third-party websites that belong to the same niche market and offering to create content for them. In return for a high-quality article, the website would provide a link back to your website that would be placed in the body of the article. This tactic requires fresh and engaging content, so it would take a lot of effort and would be a time-consuming process when compared to other linking techniques.

However, it is one of the most popular methods implemented by many websites and brands who are trying to build links organically. If your brand is planning to implement this strategy, look out for high-quality websites that have good rankings and receive a decent amount of traffic.

Remain cautious of the websites that need payments before publishing a guest post. Such websites would get penalised by the search engine as it would be a method of encouraging unnatural or paid links in the guest posts. Guest posting, when done correctly, can be a useful tool not only to earn backlinks but also to establish your brand as a thoughtful leader in the industry.

  • Content based Link Building: Directory links and unlinked mentions might be easy wins but there are various opportunities. Leveraging linkable content can be the most efficient and effective way to make sure there is long-term success for a link building campaign. It is one of the primary tactics used by agencies for link building. You can seek the help of an agency for link building and SEO. Reaching out to perfect link building companies can be beneficial for various brands, as experienced experts can offer immense help in devising effective SEO and link building activities.

Unlike guest blogging that involves preparing content for external websites, content based link building means to create content for your own website and leveraging this content to earn links. Publishing content on their own website is carried out by all brands. However, content-based link building is not an easy task like utilising an existing blog post to mass-promote all over the internet. Content that is presented in unique formats such as interactive content, video or infographics is more likely to catch the attention of webmasters and help brands in earning links. Content is a linkable asset that is created with link acquisition in mind!

As webmasters look for providing more value for visitors to their website, they can be picky regarding the resources they are linking. To gain success using this method of link building, helpful and informative content needs to be created. In most cases, webmasters will not be willing to link to the content that is short and simple and which may advertise the company’s services.

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