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Health benefits reaped out of working on a standing desk is one of the major reasons why people buy one. It is very crucial to pay utmost attention to your health as it is the whole thing that is going to make you live longer. Sitting for 8 hours straight and even more while working under stress not only immensely affects your health, but it also hinders the happy state of your mental health.

 Obesity is one of the main reasons why people buy themselves standing desks, but what matters equally are the after-effects of growing such diseases in one’s body. Now, a lot of scientists have proved through their valuable studies that are just standing for long hairs will not do as much benefit as a change in the routine will.

It is not enough

Standing while working may reap benefits for sure, but it also has its own disadvantages like not being able to burn as many calories as you have taken. Not only that, but it also hurts your legs and your joints because face it; you are a human, not a machine. Your body needs its own rest intervals, mental health breaks, and a laugh to go through the tiring day. Now, due to the limited time span that we are usually availed within the office, it becomes difficult to give our bodies the rest that it needs.

A change of routine

So here is mentioned a change of routine, and exercising routine that can be done to burn more calories without having to make a lot of efforts.

  1. Calf raises– While you are standing and working on your standing desk rise up on your toes by lifting your feet from the ground. Wait for a second in the position and then come back down. Do 15- 20 repetitions of the same. Make it more challenging and fun by doing only one toe at a time.
  2. Leg extensions– Take your one leg backward while stretching it. Engage your glutes as much as you can, and make sure to tighten your core. This will help your lower back to not arch too much. Do 12 to 25 repetitions a day.
  3. Hamstring Curl– While you are standing, bend one knee in the way that your foot comes closer to your glute. Hold for a while, and then put your feet back down. Do 12 to 25 repetitions and make the repetitions equivalent for both sides.
  4. Calf stretch– Take one leg and curl it in a way that it has moved ahead of the other leg and the ball of the knee is bent in a way that the heels stay on the ground only. Hold for 20- 30 seconds, and then do the same with the other leg. While you stretch one leg ahead, make sure that the other leg engages the glute and stretches out. Do not put too much pressure. Do it in a way that relaxes you.
  5. Chest stretch– Stretch your arms backward and clap with them (not literally). While doing this, move your shoulders up and down. Hold for 20- 30 seconds, and then repeat. This will relax your upper part of the body.
  6. Back Stretch– Curl your right knee forward in a way that the knee is meeting with the hip height. Balance yourself on the left leg and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat when done.

This is a simple exercise routine that one can follow after purchasing his/her standing desk from various websites like the Autonomous or offline stores.

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