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I have consistently been keen on PCs, yet before all else, I would not wander any farther than to the product end of learning. Notwithstanding, learning just the product side, and thinking nothing about the equipment side, can free you up to some exorbitant occasions at the shop.

At the point when I was selling peripherals, I happen to ask my quick boss how he would approach learning the equipment side of PCs. He took a gander at me and straight expressed, “As I did – learn by doing – fabricate a PC without any preparation”. All things considered, that is actually what I did. Furthermore, I’ll give you a goody of what I realized and the issues I experienced.

Exercises Learned

1. I attempted to place a floppy drive from my old unit into my new unit. I exploded the floppy drive. Exercise learned – don’t place obsolete PC segments into another framework. Duh!

2. A portion of the old projects are not good with the new working framework. Cost me some additional cash and time.

3. Try not to construct another framework without any preparation – it cost in excess of a made unit, except if you have cash to consume, need to get familiar with PCs, or you are going to fix PCs professionally.

What do you need in a PC?

Since you are going to maintain your business from your PC – you need to ensure you get as well as can be expected get, at the value you can manage.

1. At the point when cash permits, piggyback an extra hard drive onto your essential hard drive for reinforcement. Obviously, your essential hard drive won’t keep going forever.

2. Album ROM – (Self informative)

3. Hard drive – Make sure your hard drive has enough memory – I have a few 40 GB hard drives.

4. Floppy drive – useful for speedy duplicates of an Excel, Word, and so forth.

5. Printer – A quality printer. When searching for a printer, ensure it is good with the working framework you have and the working framework that is at present out available. Why? It spares you time – you may need to search for an overhaul for your printer online for the new working framework – in some cases it’s free, some of the time it’s not, or now and again the PC won’t bolster the printer with the new working frameworks. They need you to purchase another unit.

6. Force flexibly – some recommend that the PC unit ought to have 300+ voltage to give your working framework a great deal of snap.

7. Fans – The new units for the most part have extra fans to cool the CPU – which will help broaden the life of your PC.

8. Systems administration capacities – you’ll never know when you need to include an extra unit, it’s in every case great to be readied – and trust me it will happen in the end.

9. In the event that you need to purchase another working framework, I would propose going with Microsoft XP Professional. I thought that it was truly steady, and less inclined to crash.


On the off chance that you fire including everything up, you will understand that I spent more on a “form it yourself unit” versus that of a total unit. What’s more, the total unit my companion, is certainly the manner in which I will go starting now and into the foreseeable future.

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