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Why frame a privacy policy?

Personal Data of a user is like a toolkit for the businesses therefore creating a privacy policy document builds a trustworthy and reliable bond between users and the connectid business.

Privacy is the most fundamental right given to a person and it’s one of the most important rights in today’s world. Whenever someone searches anything on any website the website always pops notifications to know the user’s location or tells them to accept the cookies. By doing this the website tries to collect the data of the user and uses it to push ads of what the user searches on that website. The same applies to their applications. Whenever you open an application, it always asks you to enter either your email id or phone number. Also, it asks you to share your location with it so that it’s easy for the app to show you the products or services in that particular area.

What is the privacy policy?

It is basically a document which a website contains explains that how a website or organization will collect, store, guard, and use their user’s database. The privacy policy is like an agreement with the user by the company about how the company will collect and process our information without harming our privacy rights. It gives us an opportunity even to opt-out and deletes the information we have provided. It prevents companies from further accessing your information without your consent. Privacy policies of different companies are different, despite how similar their ventures are, therefore, it’s crucial to have your own privacy policy in clear language that a user can easily understand without all legal words which are mostly hard to navigate by an average user using your services.

 By personal information, it can anything like the user’s name, address, DOB, IP address, email id, Card details, and many more. It helps the websites to maintain a database of its users and maintain data of how many people visit their website what is the age group etc and hence analyze the data later.

It also helps from the business perspective as privacy policy is needed to be transparent with the website visitors and builds a relationship of trust.

The need for Privacy Policy-

As stated earlier Privacy is a fundamental right of every individual so it has to be respected and should be given foremost priority on every website or application. it gives users confidence that they can trust you with their information and you will surely protect it and not misuse it. The privacy policy helps to identify the particular individual when he/she comes to the site again and enters the relevant information asked.

If the site doesn’t contain any privacy policy is it sure not to be trusted and it can be even a fraud. So it is very necessary for everyone to provide your personal information to only those websites which work on a proper privacy policy as they are following proper laws and are abiding by it.


The privacy policy is the base of every company on which the user can trust and share his or her information.

Sharing one’s personal information with someone is the most difficult task in today’s world and making that easy privacy policy comes into play. So next time if you share your information on any site or application make sure to read their privacy policy carefully.

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