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Comparing Small Business SEO Services: Check These Pointers

As a small business owner, you may have to manage many things at the same time. However, certain things like marketing and SEO need expertise, and it’s best to get an agency onboard to promote your website and business. Done right, SEO alone can transform your business into a real web brand. There are many small business SEO services around, so how do you choose one? Here are some of the top pointers to consider.

  • Ask for an audit. Most known agencies, such as London SEO Specialists, will offer a website audit for free. In simple words, website audit is the process of evaluating a portal for SEO aspects, to figure out the aspects that need attention. It also gives the SEO agency an overview of what to expect in terms of work.
  • Ask about their process. No matter how much you spend on paid marketing, if a website is not optimized for SEO, it will not perform as expected. As such, on-page optimization is one of the first things that must be discussed with the agency. Most agencies will fix things with the website, and sometimes, this may mean redesigning the website from scratch, especially if the theme is dated. Next comes off-page optimization and Page One ranking. Every agency has its own approach to the job, but do ask about it.

  • Ask for an estimate. The estimate for SEO depends on the work involved, and if your website is currently doing well. The estimate is also determined by the experience of the agency. Some agencies charge more, because they are more confident of their work and have been in the business for years. Get an estimate, but don’t chase the cheapest quote.
  • Ask for references. If an agency is a known one, they are likely to have a diverse and unique portfolio of many clients. References can be handy in evaluating if a company is actually capable of delivering on what is promised. Also, you can choose to check case studies.
  • Ask for reports. SEO is measurable and scalable. No matter how small or big your website or business is, it is possible to find a spot on the first page of Google, and the progress of the website can be measured in real metrics. Most SEO agencies will offer reports on a monthly basis, but others don’t. To know if the agency is doing their job well, do ask for reports, at least once in two months.

Finally, be patient. SEO is not some magic trick that can fix your website in a day, week, or month. Be realistic when you approach an SEO agency, because it can take at least a couple of months or more to see a real change in traffic and rankings, provided the agency is doing its job right. Allow at least six months to get actual results with SEO, and if possible, include paid marketing in the mix, to accelerate the process. Don’t shy away from asking the tough questions before hiring an agency.

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